Dr. Mooney conducted an educational evaluation for my daughter, who has an auditory impairment. I knew my daughter was in good hands with Dr. Mooney, who was kind, very knowledgeable and helpful. Her educational evaluation was very thorough and her input really helped me to understand the evaluation process. As a result, I was able to clearly see how I could help my daughter. Thank you so much Dr. Mooney!


Celebrate the Children school was fortunate to have ACES come and do a presentation for our staff. Dr. Kimberly Mooney and Tom Melahn gave a wonderful, engaging workshop on Hearing Loss in Children. Not only was it relevant to our program, they were really able to get the staff engaged through fun, interactive games and Dr. Mooney shared her personal experience to help staff connect on a deeper level. It was both interesting and informative. Anyone who works with children with hearing loss should take advantage of the knowledge ACES brings and sign up for a workshop today!

Cathy Helmlinger – Director at Celebrate the Children

As an attorney, I have worked with Dr. Mooney on a very difficult case of a deaf child with additional special needs. I have been impressed with her testing, her ability to express the child’s needs to the child study team, and make programmatic suggestions that have worked well for this child. I am impressed with her manner in dealing with my clients, her attitude, and her professionalism.

Harriot K Gordan, ESQ

Tom is just awesome! My son loves spending time with him!

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