In Home/Outpatient Therapeutic Services:

Our services are child and family centered utilizing a team approach focusing on strategies for improving and strengthening behaviors. We strive to help our clients identify areas of their lives that they would like to improve and achieve their personal goals.

In Home Services

In home services can be initiated by contacting Performcare at 877-652-7624 and requesting a Biopsychosocial Needs Assessment. You can request ACES perform this service. After the initial assessment, a level of care is determined. If in home therapy is recommended the youth and family will be referred to their county Care Management Organization (CMO) who will assign a case manager and secure an IIC (Intensive In-Community therapist, LCSW, LSW, LPC or LAC). Our therapists believe in the Wrap Around Services model. Many are also trained in the Nurtured Heart Approach. Services are meant to be short term and require a new authorization for continued services. Initial authorizations are usually for eight to twelve two hour sessions. You can request to have ACES perform these services.

Intensive In-Community Services

Intensive In-Community Services are provided by NJ licensed clinicians and are designed to assist children and families with mental health and behavioral health challenges, these services may include caregivers and other family members. Intensive In Community Services are short term, flexible and are provided in the home or community in accordance with an individual Plan of Care identifying both strengths and needs.

Strength and Needs Assessments

Strength and Needs Assessments (Authorized through PerformCare) a comprehensive assessment describing a youth and family's circumstance that provides recommendations for paths to success including supports and services available within ones community. Outpatient Mental Health Services: Services are available to children, adult and families. We offer a range of services including therapies for Adults–Adolescents–Children–Families–Groups.

Behavioral Assistance Services

are concrete, outcome-oriented interventions provided in accordance with a plan of care. Services are designed to help children and adolescents learn adaptive coping strategies and improve self-esteem, interpersonal relationships, communication skills, and anger management. The service is provided under the supervision of a licensed practitioner.

Outpatient Counseling Services

ACES provides high quality out-patient mental health and behavioral services; we offer intensive in community and outpatient services for children, adolescents, adults, couples and their families. Services are individually developed to meet the unique needs of each situation. . Many of our clinicians are experienced in school based and special education needs. Our services include a comprehensive assessment, and impactful treatment goals. Therapy is solution focused, utilizing a strength-based approach.

Neurological Evaluations are provided in Florham Park, NJ

Court evaluations are provided by a licensed clinician.

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